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Mark A Ciarlante aka TIGERMAN is the founder of TM Productions. He is a professional Conflict Resolution Educator, Musician, Entertainer, Camp Director, and Certified Yoga/Tai Chi/ Pilates Instructor. He specializes in teaching "Good Old Fashion Values" with a 21st Century flare!

Originally from Philadelphia PA, he performs over 100 high-energy shows a year for children nationwide. He has appeared on stage, film, and television, including appearances in Dumbstruck The Movie, MTV Music Videos, 21 Jump Street and numerous TV Commercials.

Mark was teased and beaten up as a child because he liked to dance and perform. He created TIGERMAN The Non-Violent Superhero to manage his anger while resisting the urge to use violence and fight back.

Mark started his crusade for Bully Prevention in Schools in 2000. He formed Eat Healthy & Exercise (Tiger-cise)© in 2004. With the growing number in childhood obesity he felt it was time for TIGERMAN who is such a great role model for kids to instill lifelong nutritional habits and increase physical activity.

TMProductions was founded in June 2000. Our mission is to make the world a healthier and safer place for all children.


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“There has been a great reduction in the number of physical and or verbal conflicts between students since TIGERMAN’s appearance at our school!”

–Lillian Tearte, Principal

"Since the program, [my son] Christopher has become a new kid…There was a time when Chris could not go out and play with the other children without getting into some kind of fight, but now he stays outside for hours with no problems. For that, I say Thank You!”    


TIGERMAN has reached over two million kids nation-wide in his efforts to educate about the serious dangers of bullying as well as conflict resolution and intervention, RESPECT, healthy eating habits, animal safety, and drug abstinence.

“My children and I discussed your program in the classroom and they were so alive and filled with valuable learned lessons.”

  -Mrs. McBride, Teacher