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Bully Prevention Programs for Schools

TIGERMAN, The Non-Violent Superhero Bully Prevention Presentation is a wonderful, energetic, 45 to 60 minute interactive educational program for Pre-K to 5th graders. Teaching the importance of Anti-Bullying, Conflict Resolution, and Respect for Self, Others and Environment. The program consists of Live Music, Dance, Role Playing, and Relaxation Techniques. TIGERMAN provides teacher curriculum guides, student worksheets, T-shirts, and great prizes.

TIGERMAN has reached over 2 Million kids nationwide and has been formally recognized by the full session of the Philadelphia City Council in a City Resolution of June 2000. TIGERMAN was also a presenter at the National Crime Prevention Conference, and was nominated as Peace Ambassador for Children.

Fully up-to-date security clearance provided.


- Bully Free School Programs

- Conflict Resolution

- Respect for Self, Others & Environment

- Reading is Educational

- Animal Safety

- Relaxation Techniques

- Eat Healthy & Exercise (Tiger-cise©)

- Stranger Danger


TMProductions was founded in June 2000. Our mission is to make the world a healthier and safer place for all children.


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and 500 kids singing “We Need Love & We Need Peace”

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performing with kids “Reading is Educational”

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